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Friday, 28 January 2011

Monday, 24 January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

project update

been cold today, so just made up a small piece to finish the new seat post.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011

more For sale

Compton corker, missing one breather hole surrounds and has 1cm split along seam where its come unstitched at rear of liner £20 SOLD
vintage bell star moto 3, needs a paint job and new foam £60 SOLD

end cans, some dents and scratches £25 SOLD

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Parts for sale

bolt on side stand, never used £10 SOLD
maltese mirror in good condition £10 SOLD

70's 1" risers- could do with re-chroming £25 SOLD

shovel indicators, rear pair useable, front one has a bit broken but the bit is there so could be repaired if you need three indicators. chrome should clean up ok. £25 

tear drop air filter cover and backing plate- good condition £40 SOLD

brass fuel tap

sportster 2 into 1 exhaust bracket £10

sportster shock bolt covers £2.50 SOLD

large diameter o ring pegs, only been used for mock up, great condition £30

german helmet, plastic with leather liner, £5

hex triumph oil tank, could do with re-chroming. 9"x 5" £60

slidding cam and retaining assembly for a shovel £30 SOLD

vintage jammer wideglide 41mm yokes, a few marks but very useable,15/16 stem

highway hawk warbird tail light, couple marks on lense and the base chrome is not perfect, there is also a crack & a piece missing in the number plate lense
£100 SOLD

S&S super B carb, looks to be in great condition but i have never used it.

FX headlight shell, top nut missing and a small nut and bolt from one of the rings is missing.
currently full of wiring blocks for shovel wiring £25 SOLD

12" shovel shocks, very used condition with flakey chrome £45

35mm forks, single lug for caliper, 7/8 yokes, needs full refurb, does not include lower axle clamps
£60 SOLD

sportster 16" rear wheel in ggod condition, came from a 2001, comes with avon roadrunner with 4mm of tread SOLD
19" single disc, with continetial 3.50 x 19 tyre 4mm of tread SOLD

Agv rc5, great condition hardly used, large, comes with oakley googles £30 SOLD

please email for more pictures & prices.
These will be going on ebay once i get some time.

Monday, 3 January 2011

project update- seat post

well it started like this, blocking the frame up and marking the cut area
cut made
new seat post with a sleeve for strength
new post test fitted, all good at this point
new post then trimmed to fit
nice amount of clearence
then it all goes wrong, i spot the faint line of a liner in the seat post casting, and decide the if i can get it out and run the seat post through the casting it will be a lot stronger than just welding underneath. unfortunately this means remaking the seat post and cut out.
another seat post made and liner now removed, i knocked the new seat post through the casting, only to find it would not line up with the old part of the seat post

after a lot of swearing i finally managed to get the to together, just needs welding now.