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Saturday, 15 May 2010

project bike- new black rim fitted

this rim is 23" honda xl 250 with a smaller honda xl 185 drum brake and stainless spokes, its spaced & next on the cards is the brake reaction rod.
the rear rim is away being de-chromed, then it will be blasted, powder coated, and laced again with stainless spokes.


  1. Sweeet! I would like to use 23" in front of my BT 46' springer, and go for 21" in the rear. What year is the 250 wheel and the 185 drum? Did you use the entire 250 wheel complete with axle and fabricated new spacers only, or did you turned a new front axle as well? Thanks and good luck bro! Cheers /Lingis

  2. hi lingis, the wheel and brake are 1980's honda xl bits, the axle is from a modern mini bike and i made the spacers. hope this helps