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Thursday, 17 June 2010

love-hate relationship

My shovels ignition has been playing up so i spent a good few hours today trying to get it right, including sealing an intake and exhaust leak.  I'm nearly there and then i start having problems getting it in gear, only to find i have lost a nut from the clutch outer plate, so i find another one to get me home, put it on, and ping off it shoots when i push the foot pedal. F**K, and lots of other expressive words run through my mind.
i just can t believe my luck with this bike at the moment, its just one thing after another.
I just want to ride a reliable, individual, bike.

Anyway on the plus side i got a lift home on a matchless 650, from a very helpful biker.

my piece of shit in the van- i hate you.....


  1. Hey you are not alone, keep at it, "everyone" says its worth it in the end.....

  2. the thing is Pete, how much further to the end?
    i have owned it since 2007, and for the last 1.5 years it seems there's been problem after problem.
    Evo engines are looking very appealing right now.