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Saturday, 14 August 2010

springer bar adaptor

 I wanted to be able to change that bars on my springer, but was not to happy with the risers i had or the way they fitted. i could have just changed the top yoke for one with ears and use dog bones, but besides finding nice ones there's the cost, i did not want to use short risers and dog bones just made some bars and just welded them to the yoke.
Anyway none of these were really working for me for one reasonor another. So here is the idea thats been rolling round me head, bore out a panhead one piece riser so its all 1", trim the mounting areas, cut in half and shape, make a spacer that is the id of the bars and bolt to the rear legs, then i could slid the bars and the clamp over and tighten. Then when i want to change the bars i can.
Thats the plan anyway and here is how they look.

i think i will have the clamp bolts on the inside of the bars though.

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