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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Does anyone have any input on good front drum brakes? ideally 40 spoke ones.
I've skinnied up the evo's front end a little to much for a disc without a lot of work.


  1. Drum brakes are not usually effective enough for modern speeds BUT, I like the look of a Sportster (70's type) drum brake. If you REALLY want a good drum brake, look into Grimeca 4 leading shoe...not cheap at $1000 and up. By the way you have MY generator shovel bike on your latest post...mine is the one with the two-tone red panhead tanks, springer, short rear fender, brown police solo...looks good even on your site. Great site by the of my favorites.

    Jim Franco, Juneau, Alaska

  2. thanks Jim, appreciated. nice bike as well, i would be a happy man with that in my garage.


  3. Stuart,

    Keep posting the "swingarm customs".....NOTHING looks cooler in my book! One of my other swingarm customs in on the blog "Springa"'s called "Bobba Bobba"....keep the rubber side down my friend!

    Jim in Alaska