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Thursday, 21 March 2013

the suns coming out

took a few pictures for my insurance today, so thought i'd post them, hopefully get a ride in later.


  1. Stuart...NICE JOB! Would you tell me about your forks? 39mm bored to accept 41mm tubes?
    What year are those trees? Very nice, and very interested in that front end!

    Jim in Alaska, USA!

  2. hey Jim, 39mm bored for 41mm legs around 2000 on both legs and tree's, just put some woek into smoothing and filling the tree's, & 21" 40 spoke rim with yamaha sr185 drum

  3. Hi love the bike any chance you would sell

  4. hey luke, thanks, had not thought about selling it, so i guess it would have to be a good offer for me to consider.
    drop me an email

  5. You did a great job on that ride, Stuart!

    Hope all else is ging OK for you. Life kicked you in the balls there for a mnoment, tell the little Lady we out here got her in our prayers. ;)